Talk About Taking Your Passion to the Next Level

Talk About Taking Your Passion to the Next Level

 Meet Chef Crystal

Chef Crystal has always had a passion for many different types of foods. She loves to prepare dishes from different cultures and bless the dishes with her special unique Chef Crystal taste. Growing up in a family of food preparers which runs on both sides of her family, she's always wanted to make her parents proud. Her grandmother and mother molded her passion for cooking.

“Thinking back to when I was just five years old, I would stand in the kitchen watching my mother cook different creole dishes with admiration. This is where my passion for cooking developed at such a young age,” Lewis shared. Lewis took pride in cooking for her younger siblings. 

“It was something I enjoyed doing in my teenage years. At such a young age...I had such an "old soul" as my elders would say.”

Chef Crystal 

As soon as she graduated high school, she moved out of her mother’s house into an apartment. That's when she started to cook and sell plates. A few years later, she decided she wanted to bake as a Pastry Chef. “I self taught myself, learned different techniques on my own and began selling cakes, pies and cookies. The abundance of sales and customers gave me the proclaimed name, The Creole Cake Lady.”

 At this point, she decided to get her license to open a business to sell food and pastries from home. With so much success and passion for the job, she made a career out of it. Lewis attended Alvin Community College and graduated with an Associates degree in Culinary Arts.

Since 2016, she’s had a business working from home and later bought a food truck that she’s establishing to run on her own.

Food Truck

“One thing I pride myself on, I feed everyone and never turn a hungry soul down.”

 Being of French Creole descent, in her culture, they feed everyone. “My Mother is my biggest inspiration and motivator, I’ve always wanted to make her proud. Seeing that beautiful smile on her face is the greatest feeling!”

Overall, Lewis shared that it hasn’t been relatively smooth, that there has been a few ups and downs. “I'm grateful for every obstacle and challenge I’ve had to go through, it has helped to mold me and grow into the successful business.”

She is best known for her dessert/cakes. She is known as The Cake Lady.

Cake by Crystal Cake by Crystal

“What sets me apart from others is, I cook and bake from love. Making sure my customers are happy. My passion for food is out of this world! I love to see people happy, especially after eating any dish I've prepared.”

In 2020, she entered a competition called,The Masked Baker from Houston, Texas. She baked her favorite cookie (Banana Pudding Cookie) and got a call back that she made it to the next level of the competition. It was around 10 bakers that were chosen to move to the final round and she was one of many. She placed 2nd, missing first place by only half a point. “It was such an amazing experience to be ranked 2nd in Houston, Texas!”

You can follow Chef Crystal here!

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