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From Pain to Purpose: The Story of My Alter Ego Closet

Tatiana Matthews was born and raised in Michigan. She’s a mother and full time entrepreneur. My Alter Ego Closet is her newest business. It began as a small business operating from the basement of her home. Since then she has successfully flourished from the basement to a warehouse and now a physical location.

On December 18, 2022, they officially opened their brick-and-mortar location. The story behind My Alter Ego Closet began when Matthews tragically lost her oldest child in a car accident in May of 2020. The loss of her daughter took her into a deep depression, in which she only found happiness in dressing up and makeup.

When she was dressed up, it was like a blockage from pain and a way to cope with her depression. She felt good, and looked good. When people would see her dressed up, conversations changed from “Sorry for your loss” to “You look cute; where did you get that from?” This was her way to somewhat controlling those unwanted conversations. It was just something about getting dressed up that masked the feeling.

When dressed up, I felt back to myself. People saw the old me again; people saw, my alter ego. As women we get lost in our daily standard activities that we sometimes lose ourselves while taking care of others and making uncomfortable situations feel comfortable.

About the Business:

At My Alter Ego Closet, we desire to create a unique experience with each customer. Our goal is to have each customer feeling rejuvenated and fashionable. We also aim to give others an undeniable reason to stare as we strut in our My Alter Ego Closet attire. We make it easy not to be basic while embracing a way to obtain self-care.

My Alter Ego Closet is not your average boutique. It was designed to replicate a woman’s luxury walk-in closet. Upon entry, customers are asked to remove their shoes, however they supply disposable slippers while shopping. They have a fabulous shoe room, chandeliers, and a wine station offering complimentary spirits (21+). Online booking reserves 45 minute private shopping slots. When a shopping slot is booked the store is closed for you and up to three guests.


One major challenge that has been faced on my journey is finding a team to grow with her.

“I wish that I would have looked more into the administrative task and building my team so that I don’t have to wear so many hats. I feel that having a team is essential for growth,” Matthews stated.

Beside the closet, Matthews has two active Facebook groups that are all about women empowerment and feeling fabulous. One is titled Beauties in Business. This group is currently at six thousand members and growing. Within this group you can learn all things makeup from beginner to advanced, as well as promote your business and view other small businesses.

The next group is titled Rich Aunties who brunch GR. In this group, they meet once a month for some fun girl time. They have been established for over two years now and always looking for other ladies to join.

Giving Back & Sound Advice:

One way they give back is by offering three month contracts to other small businesses who desire a little more exposure; with this program they place their items in the store for three months, and they keep their profit in sales.

“The advice that I would give to an aspiring entrepreneur is to build your team. Having a strong knowledgeable team is essential. Make sure they have a passion for whatever hat they are wearing. Get out and network, attend as many events that you can, so when people see you they know exactly who you are. Always deliver quality products. This way your customers know that they can trust your product and will more than likely refer others to you,” says Matthews.

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